Helping companies with their product development is our passion!

Meet the team

Vincent Knoop Pathuis

Passionate agile leader with 19 years of experience in product development and leadership.

Sander Wartenberg

Senior software architect and developer with over 13 years experience.

Martijn van der Blom

Full stack lead developer with 12 years of experience.

Bas Bakermans

Set organizations in motion. With a broad background in IT and leadership, I stand for sustainable results in the culture of organizations: trust, craftsmanship and with each other, for each other.

About us

In short, we help companies who struggle with their product development department. We do this by bringing in a team of specialists who together target multiple areas of the company (operational, tactical, strategic). Our approach leads to successful product development, happy developers and happy customers.


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Our clients

WoCo Innovations
Pinkroccade Local Goverment