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A new old team

20 November 2019

It’s so incredibly exciting to see teams grow beyond what they had thought possible themselves. During one warm day last summer, when we were (again) contemplating this and many other less profound topics in Sander’s garden, we decided it was time. Time to form a new team. A team that would soon become our company Team of Teams!

A new ‘old’ team, actually, since we’ve had the pleasure of working together with teams to experience such growth during the last four year. We’ve seen what’s possible for a product department, when you “just” go for it.

We had the pleasure to join an R&D department struggling with delivering products, where developers were not really working together and almost no test automation was in place. With a backlog blocked by technical debt and support requests and product owners who were not particularly in sync with the development team. We saw unmotivated developers, stressed product management, poor quality product and unhappy customers.

So … pleasure, how exactly? Well, it turns out we love a challenge. So we rolled up our sleeves and started working! Working on culture and an agile way of working. We introduced the habit of giving each other feedback on things that could be improved and things that were going really great! We invested in education. Together we defined goals and determined what we needed to do to reach them. Customer collaboration was intensified. And we made sure to have a lot of fun working together! Of course this didn’t all go well the first time. We fell, lots of times, flat on our faces. Learned from it and tried again. A team of teams working together and achieving great results.

“ You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over. ”

Richard Branson

It sounds easy right? Well, actually it isn’t. But we like to do it anyway. Why? Because we believe all product development companies can be successful. How? By rolling up our sleeves and leading by example. The result: happy developers, happy product management, high quality product and happy customers.

Vincent, Martijn & Sander